Safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

At Shirakawa Business Hotel, we have implemented the following heightened safety and hygiene in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring optimum comfort:
Public Areas
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitization to maintain optimum hygiene levels.
  • Placement of hand sanitizers at the entrance, bathrooms, and other areas.
  • Limitation of the number of guests per elevator ride to allow safe physical distancing.
Guest Rooms
  • Checking in and out
    • Temperature checks and completion of letter of request for staying upon check-in.
    • For those customers who arrive at the reception without wearing a mask, one will be provided free of charge.
    • Installation of plexiglass partitions at the front desk and in the lobby.
    • Frequent sanitization of guest room keys, equipment such as pens and trays on the counter, sofas, elevator buttons and other places where many guests may touch frequently.
    • Use of trays when handling cash.
    • Alcohol wipes will be provided at the reception upon request.
  • During your stay
    • When cleaning the room we will also disinfect the bathroom, TV remote control, door knobs, buttons and switches, telephone and tables.
    • Room services will be delivered and handed at the door to avoid hotel staffs from entering guest rooms.
    • Breakfast will be delivered with cover plates and handed at the door to avoid the hotel staff from entering the guest rooms.
  • After check-out
    • Sanitization of each guest room after stays.
    • Hand washing, gargling and disinfection among house-keeping staffs before and after cleaning guest rooms.
  • We have installed partitions to prevent contamination between customers while sitting at the counter.
  • The ventilation system in the lobby is switched on every hour to bring fresh air from outside.
Hotel Staff
  • We are reducing as much as possible direct face-to-face contact between our guests and staff.
  • Mandatory health checks upon arrival on-property.
  • Hotel staff will refrain from coming into work when their temperature is above 37.5℃ or they are feeling unwell in any way.
  • Temperature checks with contactless thermometers will be put in practice for hotel staffs coming into work.
  • Frequent washing and sanitizing of hands.
  • Sanitization of hands and fingers among hotel staff after serving each guest.
  • Wearing of masks as well as gloves when appropriate.
  • When going to common areas, make sure to wear a mask.
  • During your stay, use the room-phone to contact the front desk.
  • If you don't feel well during your stay, contact the front desk.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.​

Last Update: Aug, 15th 2020
Shirakawa Business Hotel