• Single
    • Twin
    • 3,950 yen/night
    • 6,500 yen/night
    • Tax Included
      Free Breakfast
3,950 yen/night
Reserve All rooms have been newly renovated.
6,500 yen/night
Reserve All rooms have been newly renovated.

Private Bathroom
Reserve All rooms have a private bathroom equipped wih a dimmer for when you use it late at night so that you don't be dazzled

Free Breakfast
Reserve Complimentary breakfast served in your room each day for the entire lenght of your stay *4

Free Newspaper
Reserve Yomiuri Shimbun, Minyu Shimbun, Nikkei Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun, Hochi Sports Shimbun, Sankei Sports Shimbun and others *1 *3

Underground Parking
Reserve We have an underground parking, a regular parking and a large size vehicles parking lot for your convenience.
Parking is free of charge.
Free Parking Free Breakfast *4 Free Newspaper *1 *3 Free Coffee *1 Private Bathroom HD TV Hair Drier Yukata Slippers Telephone Green Tea Set Central AC / Heater Electric Pot Refrigerator / Warmer Night Lamp Desk Lamp Futon Extra Blanket Free WiFi Free Wired High Speed Internet *2 DVD Player *2
  • *1

    Available in the lobby

  • *2

    Free adapter rental at the front desk

  • *3

    Newspapers are available in Japanese only. During a press holiday newspapers will not be delivered.

  • *4

    Menu may change from time to time due to seasonal availability, feel free to call and inquire for the current selection